Whats wrong with Liverpool
  • 2021-02-20
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Whats wrong with Liverpool

What happened to Liverpool? Why are they struggling so badly considering that they are the reigning champions?

If you look at Liverpool numbers they only tell you what are the problems they are dealing with but not the underlying causes.

Teams like Liverpool or ManCity or Barcelona, during Guradiola dyas, play the kind of football that requires top performance and full involvement from goalkeeper all the way to the strikers. They play in a way where even the goalkeeper has a role beyond the classical goalkeeper role. 

The goalkeeper has to be good with the ball with his feet. The four back players, in addition to the classic defensive role they have to learn to press high. The fullbacks also play as wingers and play makers. The center field players have to be able to score goals when the strikers are being marshalled well and they have to provide protection to the back line. The strikers not only have to score goals but also defend. So the whole team, all the four rows have to function together all the time. And you have to do that with high intensity throughout the game.

One can say all football teams have to play like that. Well not really. Liverpool or ManCity can play like that because they have the players who can function and deliver for that kind of football.

So what happened to liverpool? In simple words they have had key parts of their machinery damaged where they are no longer able to apply their philosophy. The defense lost key players who had to be covered by using center field players. In turn the midfield was not having its first choice players (injuries or filling defensive positions) so the support for both ends of the field suffered. Strikers struggled because they no longer had the full system that was servicing them from both the midfield player or the fullbacks.

When you play that kind of football that managers like Klopp and Gurdiola want to play you have to have a very high degree of consistency which require having top players always available including a very  strong bench. If you suddenly lose a number of those players (in the case of Liverpool they lost almost half of the team) no matter how good you are you will struggle to play that kind of football and you struggle being consistent.

Liverpool will get back to its top form as the injured players make it back to the team, however, what happened to Liverpool (and to ManCity last year and beginning of this year) shows us how difficult it is to play that kind of football and play it consistently in a single season let alone across multiple seasons.

Klopp and Guradiola have raised the bar so high where it is easy to fall short and  if you are so unlucky with so many injuries like Liverpool, you fall too short for too long and you are no longer in the title race.



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Great analysis, to the point.. I might add, having such high intensity play where the whole team have to be like a unified machine, putting high budgets that strategically help maintaining such teams with having parallel teams ( team B and C) to cover your injuries and if there are a need for a new tactical play. This would of course may entail more dollars injected, as in new owners or investors to cover the needed budget of maintenance.

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