UEFA vs Super League
  • 2021-04-19
  • By Administrator

It is going to be nasty, ugly and damaging.

The 15 big European teams have started a war and it is going to be nasty, ugly and very damaging war. What is the idea behind the Super League? In very simple words it's Capitalism vs Socialism. The big teams want to grow financially and the bureaucrats want control and say over who gets what. In other words it is simply football fun for the fans vs more wealth for the business owners.

The big teams know that there is more money to be had if they are “always” playing at the european level. I say “always” because currently they have to be one of the top 4 in their leagues to qualify while the new Super League will give them guarantee that they will always be there, hence more money to be had.

It is going to be a big power struggle with UEFA who will fight it to the end. If the Super League goes on it will certainly mean less income but also less influence over European football.

The teams that make the Super League know what they are getting into. They know that it could end up meaning a complete break away from UEFA and a big clash with FIFA. They are prepared to go all the way to create a new world order for football, after all, a new football world order may be what they are after!

The Super League has started a war that could end up with new players for governing football and as they set to pursue their goals we will see a lot of collateral damage that could be so wide and very disruptive.

However one hopes that since all parties involved know how much damage this war could cause, they may come to a compromise otherwise instead of enjoying football we may be set to watch a nasty, ugly and very damaging political battle.



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