Ligue 1: PSG vs lille
  • 2021-03-01
  • By Administrator


Ligue 1: PSG vs lille


The French league this season does not look like last few years, at least at the top side of the table. PSG is not dominant as we used to see. Lille is holding-on to the top spot now while PSG is doing the chasing. 

So how do those two teams look, performance wise, and do we see any change in PSG after Pochettino arrival?

If you look at the comparison page using the above linke you will see that the two teams are very similar. Both have stable points gaining rate and stable goals scoring rate and same conceding rate. Lille is showing a positive trend in defense while PSG defense is a bit wobbly. Since Pochettino took charge no visible change in performance however it is too early to see the impact of the new manager.

Those two teams are locked in a very close battle and at this stage it is hard to pick them apart. If they maintain their current form it looks like the title winner for League 1 will be decided at the last few games. However, if we have to pick one I think PSG has an edge over Lille since both are close in terms of thire defensive strength but PSG is stronger in attack.


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