Is Atletico still as good?
  • 2021-02-23
  • By Administrator

Is Atletico still as good?

AM has had some difficulties in the last few games and RM is slowly catching up. 

What is happening?

Let's take a look at the key indicators trends to see what's happening. AM had a great start and continued to run well and build up points، however if you look at its goals scoring to conceding balance they started to have a sharp drop from game 16 till now. One can argue that their goals scoring to conceding ratio is still high and best in the LaLiga however they are trending in the worrying direction. On the other hand, RM goals scoring to conceding is steadily improving since game 10 and if things continue as they are now it will not be long when RM will catch AM.


So what is causing this change in the scoring to the conceding ratio trends for both clubs. If you look at their goals scoring rates they are close and it is fairly steady for both with slight dip in the case of AM. However the key change is in the defence side. RM has been showing excellent and steady improvement for the last 10 games or so while AM has been moving in the wrong direction. 


Is the higher conceding rate a sign of problems or is it AM changing their tactics in favor of scoring more at the expense of defense. Either case it is a trend that needs to be monitored closely.

AM started the season and continued so far as the best team in terms of balance between scoring and conceding, building on very strong backline performance and steady scoring. However it is showing some signs of change and both RM and Sevilla are catching up. 

Attack wins you games but defense wins you title, if AM wants to keep its chances of winning the title high they need to make sure that they do not lose their defensive strength while they keep scoring.


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