Is it Bayern year again?
  • 2021-02-25
  • By Administrator

Is it Bayern year again or is it not?


Bayern grip on the Bundesliga is very tight. They have been in great form and they are at the top of the table, however RB Leipzig is chasing very closely. 

Let's take a close look at the two teams and see how they compare.

First let's look at their efficiency in winning and capturing as many points as possible. Both teams are doing well and they are very close to each other. Bayern is averaging 2.2 out of 3.0 points per game so far while RB Leipzig average per game is 2.1.

They are also close in terms of their scoring to conceding balance with a slight advantage to RB Leipzig at 2.2 while Bayern is at 2.0. Even though their balance is close, however there is an underlying difference. Bayern's advantage is its attack. They are averaging 2.8 goals per game vs 1.8 for RB Leipzig. RB Leipzig's advantage is their defense. They only concede, on average, 0.8 goals per game while Bayern concedes 1.4 goals per game.

Sir Alex Ferguson says attack wins you games but defense wins you titles. Is Bayern defense weak or are they set up to score more at the expense of the defense? Is RB Leipzig attack weak or are they focused more on defense at the expense of the attack?

 It is interesting dynamics at the top of the Bundesliga and it remains to be seen who's playing style will prevail.

Use this link to view the comparison graphs and see how thier perfroamnce is trending over the season:



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