Can they catch Atletico?
  • 2021-01-19
  • By Administrator

Atlé problem, but what about the competitors

This articles was updated on 13 Feb

                 Atletico is steadily moving towards winning the championship and it's his to lose. If they do not win the championship, they only have themselves to blame.

But what about the third to fourth place teams? How is their form and who will be the strongest pursuers of Atletico?

The second to fourth places are being contested by Real, Barca and Sevilla.  So let's look at the numbers and performance of these three teams. Offensively, Barca is the strongest in the league, and Real Madrid comes third, while Sevilla is the fifth. Defensively Sevilla  is better than Real and Barca. As for the balance between defense and attack, Barca is the best of these three teams. However, how does their performance trends over the season look like? Which of those three teams is showing improvement or has a good and steady performance levels? 

To find out, let's look at the scoring/conceding ratio graphs for the three teams and compare.

It is clear from the above trends that Real and Sevilla are improving and they are on a good trend . Real is improving its balance due to the improvement in defensive performance. As for Sevilla, it is improving both defensively and offensively.

As far as Basra is concerned, they are consistent with their goals scoring however defense wise they need to improve and be more consistent.

If Barca cannot improve its defensive set up, they will find it difficult to maintain its position. Currently, it appears that the second and third places is between Real, Sevilla while Barca will fight for the fourth position, however never rule out Barca, they are capable of turning things around and put up a good fight.



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