Premier League an overview
  • 2021-01-19
  • By Administrator

Premier League an overview

This article was updated on 13/Feb. 

The top title contender is now clear. It is of course ManCity. After a wobbly start MC has slowly picked up its form and now it is on cruise control. ManCity numbers and trends are the championship kind. To win the premier league (and any league for that mater) you have to have a solid defense and steady goals scoring. At this stage ManCity goals scored to goals conceded is slightly above 3. This means for every goal they concede they score 3. The impressive thing is that their GS/GC trend since game no. 9 is an ever increasing one. No other team in the premier league is even close.

Now do MC have a strong challenger this season. Well, the closest one is Man United. They have been on a steady improvement path themselves and if you put their trends side by side and compare (you can do that by clicking on “COMPARE NOW” button at the league table) you will see that both teams are displaying similar directional trend improvement but with a difference. The differenced is that MC rate of improvement is higher and more steady. 

Their is still a lot of fixtures remaining in the league and many things could change however if performance remain as is write now it looks like MC is cruising towards the title with Man United trying hard to keep up.

In 2018 it was a two horse race between Liverpool and ManCity and it was great. In 2017 and 2019 it was one horse race. This season look like it is shaping to be another one horse race where ManCity will run away with the title, unless they stumble and ManUnited catches up with them and things get more interesting up their at the top.


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