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  • 2021-01-19
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Shabab, Hilal and Ahly who is closer to the title?

This articles wa updated on 13 Feb

Al-Shabab, Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly have numbers close to each other, but are any of these three teams in a better position to win the championship? ‬

Al-Hilal has much better defense than Al-Shabab and Al-Ahly.

If we look at the conceding to scoring ratio, in order to know which of these teams has the best balance, it is clear that Al Hilal is better than Al Shabab and Al Ahly with a big margin.‬

Al-Shabab began the season strongly, then fell back until match 10, and then began the journey of improvement to the current stage. Al Hilal also had a great start and it looked like they will overwhelm everyone else, but they collapsed in a strange way after the eighth match. As for Al-Ahly, for most of the season its performance level is unstable and its performance is confusing, however in the last four matches they have shown signs of improvement.

Al-Shabab currently seems to be in best form of the three teams, and if they keeps improving, they will be the favorite. Al-Hilal has what it takes to return to the previous level and catch up with Al-Shabab. Al-Ahly, they need to improve their defensive performance and play with consistency if they want to compete for the title.



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