Seria A top three - how good are they?
  • 2021-01-19
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Milan, Inter or Juventus

This articles was updated on 13 Feb

Milan, as of game 21, are still leading the Italian league with a slight and uncomfortable margin as the Inter and Juventus chase them and wait for any fall to advance in the standings.

So how is the form of these three teams and who among them seems in a good position to advance and compete strongly for the title?

If we look at the Offensive capabilities, Inter leads the league, Milan are in fourth place and Inter are sixth. As for Defense capabilities, Juventus is the best team in the Italian league at the moment.

To compete for the championship you have to have a very strong defense and so far Juve are at top of the league defense wise. Inter and Milan defenses are fourth and fifth respectively. To have a deeper understanding of the performance we have to look at Defensive and Offensive performance as a system, which is indicated by the scoring-to-conceding ratio. In addition to that we must look at how this ratio is changing over time.

The scoring to conceding ratio for Milan shows a decline since the sixth match. The reason for this decline is a decline in the ability to score with a decline in defensive performance. The decline is minimal, but it continues and may be a sign of fixtures pressure and injuries.

Inter, unlike Milan, is constantly improving since match number 8 as a result of defensive improvement while maintaining the same ability to score.

Finally, Juventus is moving at a steady pace and steady performance, both in defense and attack, and therefore they have the best defensive offensive balance.

So what is the overview of these three teams? 

Milan benefited from the momentum of the strong start, which alone will not be sufficient to maintain the top spot.  If Milan is not able to adjust its offensive-defense balance and deal with any pressures from the fixtures or injuries they will not be able to fight for the title. Juventus and Inter are in a better position at the moment  with stable and balanced performance, so they may be able to overtake Milan as the season progresses.


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I think Inter is as you are saying is getting better and most likely the top contender. Juvy is I think the main threat by the time we get close to the end of the season.

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