Who is "best of the rest" in the Premier League this season?
  • 2021-04-08
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So who’s is the best of the rest in the Premier League?


So far this season Man City has been "the name of the game". They are in an impressive form and they are crusing towards the title with great precision.

But who besides Man City deserves some attention? The answer; it is Man United. It is true that they are not yet at the level to challenge Man City for the title however they have been silently and slowly making immersive progress.

(Man United Goals scored to Goals conceded ratio):


To me they are the most improved team in the Premier League this season. Some may say that West Ham has also improved a lot. That is true, they did, but they seem to have maxed out.

(West Ham Goals scored to Goals conceded ratio):



 It is great that West Ham moved from fighting to avoid relegation to fighting for top 4 spot (taking advantage of Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea poor form) however Man United has shown the most impressive improvement and I say so because if you look at their trends you can see how much they have improved in addition to that they continue to improve and they have not stalled like Wet Ham for example.

 If Man United maintain their steady improvement they may have a shot at the title provided they keep their improvement momentum and start the season well.



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I would agree that man united have shown the most consistent improvement in terms of premier league teams not name man city. However in order to predict how a team may continue its progress, it’s important to factor in their ambitions and capabilities in the transfer market. And when it comes to man united not many teams have the financial strength and lucrative brand to bring in world class talent as they do. I believe man United’s ambitions and progress will not be fulfilled until they get the players in specific positions they need in order to fully compete with their local rivals for the premier league title.

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